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New animation: 'P-man'

2015-09-26 09:59:41 by WavingPear


subtitles availible. 

Thanks to everyone who helped out- this one took a while (sorry)!


i am working on stuff

2014-10-16 13:52:11 by WavingPear

(Just extremely slowly)

  • hang in there
  • i am still alive
  • i promise¬†


new stuff

2014-04-15 16:02:01 by WavingPear

I've got one buttload of exams coming up very soon so I should probably revise, but I do have some stuff planned for the coming year.

Also I've got a new short out titled 'Total Weepout', it's pretty stupid and took a long time because of technical issues but it's ok.

Here have a picture:oof

uh hi

2013-04-11 09:55:37 by WavingPear

So, I've currently got a few projects in mind. All of which, when completed will be uploaded here and on my youtube channel so that's..uh..good?

I also have a tumblr if you want to stalk me and see dumb drawings and stuff similar to that. And also a Facebook page for even more stalking!

So, yeah, uh.. see ya?

uh hi